Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My sweet physique

Ella is shaped like Aron so far. Not too much in the derriere region if you know what I'm saying. On Tuesday when I went to work, I got a call from my Mom who was laughing hysterically. Ella was running around the kitchen table in her shorts and tank top. As she was running, her shorts fell down because she doesn't have much of a tush to hold her shorts up. My Mom told her to wait a minute and she would come over to pull them back up. Ella replied "Nope, Grammie. NUDIE" and proceeded to toss her shorts aside and keep running. On the bright side, maybe she'll be one of those "When life gives you lemons make lemonade" type people. On the dark side, maybe she'll be a stripper (as my grandma likes to point out.).

It's been interesting to watch the different physical development of both of the kids. I'm not sure what I should chalk up to boys vs girls or just differences in kids in general. When Ella was learning to crawl, she was all about using her legs to push herself along. She would back herself up to a couch, chair, etc and then use her legs to push off of it and propel herself forward. Luke is different. He's all about using his upper body strength. He pulls himself along and likes to spin himself around on his belly by using his arms. Luke was trying to crawl forward and Ella was crawling around beside him telling him "Like this Lukie. Like this." Such a good little helper!


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