Thursday, December 12, 2013

Halloween Soup-tacular 2013!

We had our annual Halloween party again this year with tons of friends and family.  I believe this year was the biggest event ever with 75 people in attendance.  We had quite a bit of fun despite the cold weather and the technical difficulties in projecting the game on our garage.  I'm sure Aunt Robin already has ideas for a bigger and better event for next year!

Soccer season 2013!

The kids both played soccer again this season so we spent many Saturday mornings at the local soccer complex watching them play.  They each scored some goals this seasons which was wonderful.  Ella had a team pizza party where her coach handed out awards.  It was fantastic.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Flying Horse Farms Fundraiser

The kids participated in their first major charity fundraiser together.  We've done other things together as a family but this was the first thing they did by themselves to raise money for others.  It was for a camp for seriously ill kids called Flying Horse Farms.  They completed a one mile fun run with obstacles.  It was fantastic fun and I'm sure we'll do it again next year!