Thursday, August 30, 2007

Llama? Wwhat?

Our babysitter, Katie, has a llama. This week is the county fair so she is taking her llama to the fair as part of 4-H. Here's a picture of Ella with the llama. 'Nuf said (right Dad??).


This is a picture of a typical Saturday morning at our house. The kids like to get up and crawl in our bed to watch some cartoon.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I won't tell 'em your name*

The Enabler/The Squirrel
The Squirrel

*Names of those in this post have been changed.

Some things we don't share with others due to potential embarrassment to those involved. Like the fact that I secretly really like that Neil Diamond song "America." You know which one it is (On the boats and on the planes....they come into America...something something something something....they come into!) Aron tells me that I shouldn't tell people that because it should be really embarrassing to me. Whoopsie! I guess my secret's out!

Anyhoos, I know a little boy (see also picture above) who likes to hide food around my house like a little squirrel. It's not usually that big of a deal. Usually, it's just a graham cracker here, a piece of cereal there. You know, something that it's going to leave too much of a lasting impression when I find it a few days later. Occasionally, there are not so desirable results (see also post of the old milk sippy that had turned into cheese).

So I went away with my friend last weekend (BTW, Happy Birthday Jamie and thanks to Con for the reminder). When I returned, I got out of the car and drug some bags in the house with me. I noticed that my tennis shoes were sitting by the back door. When I walked by my shoes, I noticed that about 10-15 little gnats flew out of my shoe. Knowing this was a new development because there were no gnats in my shoe when I had last wore them, I asked Aron if he knew anything about the gnats in my shoe. He said "Oh yeah. Sorry about that. Luke put a banana in your shoe a couple days ago and it's still in there."

Why, oh why, would The Enabler let The Squirrel put a banana in my shoe then not take it out?? Why does the fact that his kid is part squirrel not embarrass him?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Do you believe in miracles?

I went shopping with my friend in Michigan over the weekend so poor Aron was stuck here with the kids (Aw, poor Aron! All weekend by himself with the kids!). When I came back, Luke was completely potty trained. Before I left on Saturday, he was about 95% trained. He wore big boy underwear most of the day but he wasn't thrilled with it all the time (occasionally he would cry because he wanted to wear a diaper). Something changed in him over the weekend with Daddy. Now he ONLY wants to wear his big boy underwear and cries if he has to wear a diaper like at naptime or bedtime. When I went shopping, I bought 6 more pairs of underwear in the hopes that he would be ready for them when I returned and lo and behold, he was ready for them when I got home. He was so excited about them, he put 3 pairs on at one time.

Such a big kid!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Darn! I'm not adopted.

My parents have always told me that I'm adopted. Something about finding me in a ditch many years ago and feeling bad for me so they let me come live with them. They think they're funny like that (disclaimer: No, I'm not really adopted. My parents just wanted to jerk my chain a little. I look just like my mother so there's no choice but for them to claim me).

Anyhoos, I've always made fun of my Dad for his, shall we say, lack of memory. He tends to forget virtually everything that you tell him unless it's something that's related to OSU football or food. Seriously, he retains less of what you tell him than Luke. When I was in college, I used to call him instead of my Mom to ask him to have her send/bring me something I needed (most typically, it was money I needed but occasionally it was other things) because he worked for OSU and I could call him for free instead of calling my Mom long distance. These were the days before the widespread use of cell phones, their unlimited minutes packages, etc, etc. I used to actually have to tell him, "Dad, get out a piece of paper. Now get a pen. I want you to write down on your paper that I need Mom to send me $50 cause I'm broke and you love me so you have to send me money." Then I would have to tell him "Now, take that paper and put it in your front shirt pocket" (my dad always wore the same style of shirt to work--a plaid, button down with a pocket on the upper left side of the chest area) "because when you get home, you'll put your shirt on the back of your chair in the bedroom. Mom will see it then take the stuff out of your pocket before she tosses it in the laundry. Then she'll see there's a note from me and she'll ask you about it. Of course, you'll barely remember having talked to me on the phone but you'll at least have this note to guide her along in what I need. Don't put it in your pants because Mom doesn't always see those lying on the floor right away but she always sees your shirt hanging on the back of the chair"

The other day, I realized that I am evolving into my Dad. I went to the store the other night with Ella. Before we left our house, I told Ella we were going to the store for cat food, milk, and bread and to remind me what we needed once we got there. I got Ella out of the car, got a cart, put Ella in it, and walked into the store only to realize that I had no idea what I had gone to the store for. Hmm...butter? No, that's not it. Grapes? Well, I could buy grapes but that doesn't seem to ring a bell as to why I was there. Cookies? While they would be tasty, I don't think we really need cookies. I stood in the produce section for a minute or two trying to think. Crap! I realized I was going to have to ask her what we needed, when Ella asked why we weren't going anywhere. I told her that Mommy was trying to think of why we were there. She said "Mommy we're here for milk, bread, and food for Jane." Ding, ding, ding! That rings a bell. I picked up milk and bread and tossed them in the cart. When we got to the cat food aisle, I reached for a bag of food but then I heard Ella tell me "Not that one, Mommy. Remember, it makes Janie's belly hurt." Huh? What? Oh yeah, that's right. Jane doesn't feel well if she eats Purina.

Will Ella some day be blogging about how forgetful her Mom is?


Monday, August 13, 2007


Poor Lukie! He can't get away with anything. During the BBQ, he kept trying to run up the driveway (and toward the road!!) when he thought nobody was looking. There were enough people there that he never made it very far, thankfully. His sister was keeping a close eye on him, too, and was always prepared to march him right back to the party.

Lukie's got a girl-friend!

Meet Maizy!
Getting Ella's approval
Luke loved seeing Kaylene's baby sister, Maizy. He spent a good bit of the party sitting by her and giving her kisses on the head.

The 5th annual BBQ

We had a picnic with some friends over the weekend. Here are just a portion of the children that we all have. From left--Kaylene, Ella (with Tasha from the Backyardigans), Luke, Mason (with Pablo also from the Byardigans), and Liam (with Tyrone of Backyardigans fame). Also present were Cooper and Maizy (see also other posts).