Monday, September 24, 2007


Aron's grandparents live on a farm complete with about 5 cows. We took Myles there yesterday to have a little farming adventure. I think I had Myles convinced that when one of the cows moo'ed it said "Moooo-yles." He thought that was pretty cool.

C'mon, you know you did it when you were little, too

I know I did one or two of these when I was's called a "Make It and Bake It" I think. Basically, it's a little suncatcher that you make yourself. I got a two pack of them for Ella and she thought it was the greatest thing ever. That's right, folks, I'm back in Best Mommy Ever status. It's a wire shaped thing (usually a butterfly or a heart or something equally girly) and you put little plastic colored beads in the sections. You then take your creation and put it in the oven to melt and voila! instant suncatching fun.
Highly recommended. 2 Ella-sized thumbs up.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

What's gonna work? Teeeeeeeamwork.

This is the anthem of another popular show at our house. The Wonderpets. The general run down goes something like this--it's a baby duck, baby turtle, and a gerbil that run around together saving baby animals with teamwork. Luke really enjoys the show and usually spends the entire episode on a bean bag chair just as you see him here. Harmless enough, right? The other day I was in the kitchen while the Wonderpets were on and I came back in to see Luke standing in the middle of the living room floor with his pants around his ankles, holding winkie in one hand, and peeing on my rug. Of course, I shouted "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I should've realized I had just broken the cardinal rule about what to do when your kid's holding winkie in one hand while peeing on your living room rug--
cause he's just going to start spraying pee everywhere. Yup, that's right, folks. I think Luke peed on most everything within a 1 yard radius. I think even Jane was unfortunate enough to get a few droplets.
They just don' t tell you these things in the brochure. Some things you gotta learn yourself.

Kids say the darndest things...

Here are a few little quotes recently heard around our household:

"Eat the pie...EAT THE PIE!!" Luke as he saw Aron walking by with a big piece of pie.

"Grammie, I don't really feel like you're respecting me right now." Ella when Grammie asked her to put some of her toys away.

"Me rapido-ing! Rapido! Rapido!" Luke while riding his bike down our neighbor's hilly side of the driveway.

"Lukie's having a hard time right now, Mommy. I still love him...but it's hard." Ella after Luke pushed her down onto the bean bag chair then proceeded to sit on her.

Bad memory vs Good memory

Ok, so I was mean to Ella the other day. I admit it. She had gotten into our cupboard with snacks in it to get a little something to eat. In the process, she spilled an entire box of noodles on the floor. She then grabbed a snack and said "do you want to play Clifford with me on the computer?" I told her "No because I have to clean up the mess you just made." Probably not the nicest response, huh? Later on that night I told her I was sorry for yelling at her. She said (and no, I'm not making this up) "It's ok, Mommy, you're just stressed. I still love you." Sweetest.kid.ever.
So, I decided to replace that bad memory with a good memory. I decided it was going to be Ella/Mommy Girly Night. We went upstairs and shut ourselves in the bathroom. We lit some candles and painted our toes. Ella chose pink for her right foot and red for the left (she's an equal opportunity polisher). Then I busted out some face paint that I just bought. Ella's been having a little bit of trouble with dreams about monsters. I wouldn't really call them nightmares because she says the monsters aren't really that scary but she doesn't really want to dream about them either. I told her to tell me what the monster looked like. As she told me, I painted the monster on her cheek. She looked in the mirror and confirmed that yes, that is what her monster looks like. I then told her that the monster was now out of her head and free to roam about the country so he wouldn't need to come into her dreams anymore. She seemed to accept this and then wanted me to draw a flower. I drew a flower on her other cheek and then she told me she wanted me to draw a green stem from the flower to the monster. I drew a green line from the flower, under her chin, and over under the monster. She told me that even monsters needed flowers.

Hanging with Kevin

Aunt Annie and Uncle Kevin recently came to visit. The kids sat U Kevin down and made him watch some of their fave show--The Backyardigans.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Gigantasaurous slide

Luke was a bit too little to ride the slide by himself so Aron had to help him along...

Dynamic Duo + Luke = Hard Core Fun

Price of admission to the fair for a child age 4 and under: Free
Cost of one super size fries, plus malt vinegar, plus salt and a medium lemon shake-up: 6.00
Getting $5 from your Grammie to ride all the rides you can manage in 3 hours time: Priceless

More pix of llama fun