Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Can't take these kids anywhere

Recently, we traveled to Dayton (specifically Beavercreek) to attend a birthday party for my friend, Daryle.  Things started off well, but got a little rough toward the end.

Lovely little Breonna and her Daddy (aka Daryle or Monty).

 Breonna was quite the lovely and sweet little hostess.  She invited the kids to play in her pool.  It was all downhill after that.  *sigh*
B: Would you like to play with this sponge my Mom made.  She likes to Pinterest.  It is delightful on this warm day.  I'm sorry to see that you forgot your bathing suit at home.
L:  I'm kinda using this bucket in a dumping method but come back later, kid and I'll entertain your suggestion.  I didn't forget my suit.  They're for wusses.

Save me, Luke, I'm a damsel in distress.  Help, help!

Mwa-ha-ha-ha!  You fell for it!  Bucket to the FACE!

Luke's Dad!  Luke's Dad!  Perhaps you could escort these young ruffians away from my pool.  I would ever so much hate to be a tattle but there's a rumor that Luke piddled in there.

Aron: Sorry, B.  I've got no control over that one.
Breonna:  Daddy!  I would like your assistance.

Ella: Ack!  I'm sorry!  I'm sorry!

Consider the pool situation under control.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

That kid ain't right

Sorry, Chase.  You know I love you but I worry about all of your neurons firing appropriately...

For those of you who have no idea what he's wearing,
the correct answer would include a tshirt, shorts, flip flops,
soccer shin guards on both his legs and arms, and biker gloves.

Garage Sale side bizness

What do you do when you have a garage sale at your house and are sitting in the yard eating a donut and realize you are thirsty?

You go to your daughter's lemonade stand but what in the world is half lemonade and half iced tea?

Oh, I get it now.  Thanks for the diagram, kid, but I'm not gonna lie.  I'd prefer a John Daly or even a Happy Gilmore (made with Everclear).

Look, Pearl! I grew a tooth!

Now please stop using your "mean words" in describing my tooth situation.

Reason #3011 why I *heart* this guy..

He likes kids.

I will kill you by jabbing this spoon in your neck with a flick of my wrist...

Oh yeah, well I will eat your pancake when you're not looking, little girl.

Don't laugh at me kid.  I'm being serious.

Seriously, you've got enough for me, right?

Fine but you have to eat it from my fork.  You down with that?

Bring it on, lady!

I have no funny caption for this one.  It was just cute.


Allison and me, the 2012 version

Me as a trophy wife.

Recently I got a chance to meet up with my friend, Allison, who I haven't seen in for-ev-er at the bar where I bought my very first wine cooler by myself.  I won't reveal my age at consumption even though I believe the statute of limitations is over.  She helped keep me relatively sane for a long period of time and I appreciate her greatly.

She works for a company that manufactures the Emmys.  After a lot of beer and some arm twisting, she let me pose with the one that she was toting around. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pause it!

We're taking a break on the blog for a few days because it's garage sale season at my house which means that Robin has taken over the house in an attempt to sell our wares.  See you at the beginning of next week!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bible School!

Every year the kids go to a local bible school.  If they reach their fund raising goal, their prize is to smash a whipped cream pie into the pastor's face.  I'm sure this is Pastor Gary's favorite day of the year.

Um, enough with the singing and dancing...let's shove pie in Gary's face now.

I'm warming up and ready for the pie.

 A delicate tap of pie to the face.

Gary's son going full steam ahead with the pie.

Luke winding up for a smoosh.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Field Trip #1: Santa Maria

First field trip of 2012 for this motley crew was to the Santa Maria

The kids enjoyed it more than I thought they would.  I didn't get enough pictures of the tour but this guy seemed to do a pretty good job of explaining things so I'll just refer you to him...

This was our tour guide with the hat on the left. He was bland and had
a lisp.  That's about all I remember from the

Here's the part the kids probably remember
the most: See the guide sitting on the edge of the ship?
He's explaining how the people on the ships
went to the bathroom and what they used for
toilet paper.  Ask the kids and they'll tell you.  
Luke's face says it all, I think.

After we finished at the Santa Maria, Aron met up with us and we went to the North Market for lunch.  We've taken the kids there before but I guess it had been a while because neither one remembered being there before.  They had a blast picking out exactly what they wanted to eat from the great vendors.  We ended up doing a buffet-style lunch where we all picked at each others selections.  One thing I always give the kids credit for is being willing to eat non-standard kid foods. 

Luke chose cassoulet.  I couldn't find a link to
the vendor that sold this.  It's a French stew that has
been cooked for days with an assortment of non-standard meats
(think wild boar, andouille, duck, etc) and beans. 
To say Luke loved it is an underestimate of his feelings.  This container
was full and he ate at least 1/2 of it himself along
with some of the bread that came
with it.

Ella's selection was a big variety of foods from Flavors
of India.  It's spicy and comes with naan, a flat Indian
bread that I think she would marry.

A close up of Ella's yummies (there are some
chickpeas in there, chicken, some rice, and
a big round of naan.

Once Luke was done with his cassoulet, he helped himself
to Ella's food.

Aron chose a gyro selection from Firdous Express which is
Mediterranean food.

This picture is purely for Aunt Robin.  Look it's a
compostable spoon that we didn't break!  Should we
bring it to your next birthday party?