Monday, June 04, 2012

What a difference a school year makes...

Here they were in August 2011...a spunky little kindergartener and a darling 2nd grader armed with nothing but a giant sandwich hug.

Here's the same pair of cuties 9 months later in May 2012. Their lovely mother asked them to pose in a simliar position as the one above.
After a year in school, they had no clue how to accomplish this. See also below...
Don't get too close.  I SAID don't get too close, Luke

You want me to do what?
He smells weird.

Um, maybe you don't know this but she's my
sister and we don't live in West Virginia, Mom,
mmkay?  Let's just stick to a firm handshake.


I'm....not....quite...sure where to put
everything...what do I do with this extra leg?

Here, just hurry up about it.  I think I saw a bus full of my
friends go by our house.

Close enough!  I'll take it.

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