Sunday, June 10, 2012

Field Trip #1: Santa Maria

First field trip of 2012 for this motley crew was to the Santa Maria

The kids enjoyed it more than I thought they would.  I didn't get enough pictures of the tour but this guy seemed to do a pretty good job of explaining things so I'll just refer you to him...

This was our tour guide with the hat on the left. He was bland and had
a lisp.  That's about all I remember from the

Here's the part the kids probably remember
the most: See the guide sitting on the edge of the ship?
He's explaining how the people on the ships
went to the bathroom and what they used for
toilet paper.  Ask the kids and they'll tell you.  
Luke's face says it all, I think.

After we finished at the Santa Maria, Aron met up with us and we went to the North Market for lunch.  We've taken the kids there before but I guess it had been a while because neither one remembered being there before.  They had a blast picking out exactly what they wanted to eat from the great vendors.  We ended up doing a buffet-style lunch where we all picked at each others selections.  One thing I always give the kids credit for is being willing to eat non-standard kid foods. 

Luke chose cassoulet.  I couldn't find a link to
the vendor that sold this.  It's a French stew that has
been cooked for days with an assortment of non-standard meats
(think wild boar, andouille, duck, etc) and beans. 
To say Luke loved it is an underestimate of his feelings.  This container
was full and he ate at least 1/2 of it himself along
with some of the bread that came
with it.

Ella's selection was a big variety of foods from Flavors
of India.  It's spicy and comes with naan, a flat Indian
bread that I think she would marry.

A close up of Ella's yummies (there are some
chickpeas in there, chicken, some rice, and
a big round of naan.

Once Luke was done with his cassoulet, he helped himself
to Ella's food.

Aron chose a gyro selection from Firdous Express which is
Mediterranean food.

This picture is purely for Aunt Robin.  Look it's a
compostable spoon that we didn't break!  Should we
bring it to your next birthday party?

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