Monday, February 25, 2008


We're heading out for Florida tomorrow so no new updates for us until this weekend (probably). Yipeeeeeeeeeee!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Luke loves him some library time!

When Ella goes to story hour with Miss Lori, Luke likes to play on the toddler computer.

Tub time!

Myles had a birthday party last weekend, and we got him a set of toys for the tub. The kids decided they wanted to try them out right away so.............................................

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lights out

After we got home, the kids decided they wanted to sleep in the tent with the sleeping bags. Since it was Myles' big day, why not? Luke couldn't quite fall asleep in the tent with all the excitement so he was in his crib right next to the tent. Myles and Ella stayed like this until about 1 when Ella came into our room and said she wanted to sleep in her bed. Aron told her to go for it. About 30 minutes later, Myles came in and said he couldn't sleep without Ella so Aron told him to get in Ella's bed with her. 6:45 rolls around and Ella comes into our room again and said she couldn't sleep with Myles because he was too squirmy. Aron let her into our bed. Then Jane came into the picture and wanted in bed, too. About 7 or so I woke up and couldn't figure out why I was feeling smooshed and suffocated. Then I realized that Aron was spooning me, I was spooning Ella, Ella was spooning Jane, and that Jane was taking up about 50% of the bed. 7:30 came along and Myles jumped in our bed and said he was sad because Ella had left him so it was time to get up.

What a night!

Where else would two 4 year olds and one 2 year old want to go after bowling?

Mickey Dee's! Or as my kids like to call it "Old McDonald's"

Yes, this is in real time

Luke bowls!



Myles' birthday party: Us edition

I don't think Myles' carseat was in quite right (it looks like it's too high) but we shoved all the kids in the backseat anyway and took off for a surprise location. We made the kids guess where we were going. The clues we gave them were: shoes and ball. They didn't figure out where we were going until we walked in the door.

Check out the uvula on that kid!


Rubber Duckie: You're the One!

That song's an oldie but a goodie. The kids love it when I sing it for tub time. They've started singing "Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah Gettin' nakey wit' it" as they undress for their bath. Sing it to the tune of "Gettin' jiggy with it" by Will Smith.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cold weather + bored kids=crazy indoor fun

I hear the videos are a popular feature on the blog so here's another one. The kids were bored today and we were house bound because it's like 2 degrees outside. When we're stuck inside the kids like to use the trampoline and Luke's crib mattress to make a slide. Again, it seems like a responsible adult should've stopped them. If only I could find a responsible adult to watch my children...

Leftover random cute pix

Um, I'm not sure what to say.

They crack me up (I think you all know that by now). Last night I was putting the kids to bed and Ella decided that she wanted to say some prayers. She wanted us to join hands and sit in a circle on her bed. So Luke, Ella, and I did just that. She wanted to go first. Her prayer consisted of something like this "God thank you for all the things you provide us and all the gifts that you give. You're great. Thanks. Amen." Sweet, right? Luke then pipes up and says "Me turn. Lukie do it." Then he says (and this is a direct quote) "Dear God................thanks for the yummy grapes. Amen."

I told Aron about Luke's prayer. He said that the kids have wanted to say prayers when he's put them to bed before and Luke's prayer was "Dear God.................thanks for the donut. Amen."

I think he's got a one track mind.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Since the last video went so well...

Here's one of Ella's ballet class today. I wasn't thinking when I started to record and I should've stood in the front so I could get a better angle. The girls moved so much that I ended up recording the practice from the mirror. Ella is the one in the green sparkly costume and the pink sparkly shoes. We couldn't find her ballet shoes so she wore those instead. It's a good thing her teacher is understanding about being unable to find her ballet shoes!

I hope blog viewers are understanding about the shoes and the bad videographer : ) I'll do better next time.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Et tu, Brute?

The lastest victim(s) in the world beautification scheme...

Ella loves some girly time

Kaylene and Ella--don't you love the little ballet costumes?
Ella loves some girly time but doesn't get much of it so we invited over a little friend. We've been friends with Kaylene's Mom and Dad forever (since high school) so we invited them over to hang out for a while yesterday. Ella had big plans for all the girliness they would accomplish. It went pretty well for the two of them except when Luke or Kaylene's little sister, Maizy (who is less than one year old) kept trying to bust in on the fun. They played jewelry party (think a large box of costume jewelry), tea party (think tiny little porcelin tea set with little duckies on the side on a tiny little white table), and ballet costume fun (see above). Good times were had by all!

Drum roll, please...

I've never tried to do this so I'm hoping it works! It's a video of Luke and Ella jumping on their bean bags. A responsible adult probably should've stopped them (aka us) but they were just having too much fun. Let us know if you have problems viewing it.

What do you mean "Communion is not a buffet??"

We went to church on Sunday. It was Communion Sunday and Ella and Luke decided that they would like to have communion like everyone else (aka they asked if they could have a piece of bread and juice). It was fine with us so they went up front to get it. They patiently waited their turns (a miracle) and each took one piece. Luke thought it was pretty tasty and I heard him say "mmm" went he ate it. Then he saw our Pastor walking away with the container of bread and he said "More bread!" I told him it was time to have the juice and he said ok. After he drank the juice, he said "more bread, please." I didn't say anything and we started to walk away and then he started to get serious about getting more bread so the whole way back to our seat he yelled "More bread! More bread!More bread!More bread!More bread!More bread!More bread!" I had to sit him down and explain that Communion was not a buffet. He didn't agree. After church, the woman who organizes the bread and juice let him have a go at the leftovers. He dove at the plate. He came up with two fistfuls of the bread and gestured with his head and grunted that I needed to grab another cup of juice for him.