Sunday, March 31, 2013

Random goofy pics from Chicago...


We visited The Bean in Millennium Park (of course!). 
We were last in Chicago in July 2005 (love that city!) so I dug up an old pic of Aron and I from that trip.  I was pretty pregnant with Luke at that point and was pretty miserable because it was super hot.
Annie and Aron circa July 2005
Ella and Luke heading toward The Bean.

He really wanted to be under it...not sure why.

They both wanted to hold it up... a lot.

Yup...still holding...
...more being under it...

...little looking and holding...
A little homage to the Buckeye State.

A little snack after pictures never hurt anyone.

Luke just being Luke


Extras at the aquarium

We bought a City Pass (click the link to learn more) which came with extra perks like watching a 4D movie (click the link to learn more) version of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, watching an aquatic show with dolphins and beluga whales, and most importantly a fast pass for entrance into the attractions.  Going to Chicago or some of the other cities they service?  Definitely get the City Pass.
Glasses for the 4D movie (Jenny and Tommy in the background)

Ella texted Grammie a lot while waiting for the aquatic show.

Jenny talked with her Dad.

Aquatic show with a sea lion.

Aquatic show with a dolphin.

Up close of the sea lion.

Spring Break: Woo hoo!

We decided to do a little spring break to Chicago this year.  It was great so I'm going to bombard you with our pictures in multiple posts!
First stop: Shedd Aquarium with our friends Jenny and Tommy!
They spent a lot of time doing this together looking at the various
fish in the tanks.  Such cuties. (L to R: Ella, Luke, Tommy)

Mo-om!  The fish is eating my ha-and.

Yes, she really is almost 5 feet tall.  Yes, I am only
5'3"  No that doesn't scare me.

But that's ok because Jenny isn't any taller than me without her kid
on her shoulders!

I see you! (Tommy on left, Luke on right)

Ella is in the stripes on the right.

They wanted to act like they were holding the beluga whale in their hands like it was a presentation.  Yup.  That's probably totally normal.

They had a play area where you could get dressed up
like a penguin and go down a slide...

...but why would you bother going down the
slide in a normal way?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Transfer of the Guard

I am the queen of the self picture.  Luke decided he wanted to give it a whirl the other are the results...

Not bad!

Oops, we did it again! JinjyFest 2013!!!

We've held our annual Jinjyfest for several years now with our Beavercreek friends Daryle, Jennifer, and their gorgeous Breonna as well as the beloved Auntie T. The intent is to take graham crackers, frosting, and candies and make some awesome gingerbread houses. The result is usually a whole lotta graham cracker, frosting, and candy eating en route to making gingerbread houses that look like they were constructed on sink holes. (The result is also having a really good time!!). I would love it if they lived closer to us.  Maybe then Breonna won't remember us solely for a peeing in the pool the link to travel back to last summer with me...

"So you grab a ton of candy, run, and stuff it in your face like this. 
What do you mean you've never tried it?  It's my bread and butter move!"
L to R: Jennifer, Breonna, Auntie T, Ella, and Daryle

Auntie T and Ella...

You already know these two...

The spread...

Hazel was less than impressed with the construction.