Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party 2011!

Um, yeah. What the board says.

Luke and his buddy b.s.'ing over round one of candy consumption.

The soup corner. 10 different varieties, thankyouverymuch (couple of corn chowders, couple of chilis, white chicken chili, tomato basil, mushroom barley, hamburger soup, chicken and noodles, and one other I can't remember)

Milling around the homestead

More milling and talking

The big table

The big table (better attended and with great lighting)

Talking Hammocking

Sugar coma

Ella's last soccer game...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

They've got it rough

It's hard to root for your brother when it's 35 degrees at 9 AM on a Saturday morning...
It's hard to want to play when it's 35 degrees at 9 AM on a Saturday morning...(this is his Occupy Wall Street mode)...

He didn't really want to be goalie...

All is made better with a team trophy...

American Woman...Momma let me beeeee*

Nothing beats getting the latest edition of American Girl magazine and pouring over it with your Daddy.

" I love reading this from cover to cover."
"I think Grammie should buy this accessory for your birthday, Ella."

"Stop taking pictures of me!! Go away Mommy paparazzi!!"

Even the cat won't hang out with me. No love for the lady who isn't interested in American Girl.

*Lyrics attributed to Lenny Kravitz's song

Who's Mommy's little jack o'lantern?

This girl! How delightfully seasonal of her.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stupid, stupid blogger

I've many different days in many different ways to make Blogger (the thingy that powers the blog) to let me add a video and it just won't do it. I finally broke down and set up a youtube account.

Here's a video of Luke laying down the law about how dessert will be handled next time we go out. Can you tell that they were hot desserts? Both kids kept trying to take huge bites and burned the insides of their mouths. And can someone get that kid on the right to stop talking with his mouth full? Drives me crazy.

Birthday Dinner at Boston's

We took Luke to bullriding for his birthday last weekend (thanks Grammie for a couple of tickets). Anyone who knows Luke, knows that you've got to include food with any venture into Columbus. We took him to Boston's for a pre-bullriding meal. Because it was a special occasion, we even ordered a yummy trio of mini desserts (on the left is the strawberry cheesecake, the middle is some sort of brownie, and on the right is apple crisp).

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You know what's the most awesome about going to PBR?

Not being this guy who clearly tossed a couple back before the show and decided to strip for the crowd...

Second most awesome would be the lady above in the black sweatshirt who also partook of ye ol' brew but thankfully, did not strip for the crowd.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ella vs Luke: Soccer Edition

Ready for some action.

Throwing the ball in (plus her coach's butt. Sorry, Coach)

Aron told them to act tough toward each other. This is what they came up with.

Gotta stay hydrated.

The keeper of the goal.

"Did you see me??"

Ella and Luke played each other in soccer last weekend. They have been looking forward to this all season. What made it even sweeter was that their Grammie was able to come and watch from the car. There were frequent checks with Grammie to ask "Did you see me?"

Who won, you ask? Neither. It was a 0 to 0 tie.

Why can't he just be normal?

All the other kids can just go back and forth on the swing. Why you gotta flip it and fly like Superman?


(and yes, Jeff, I realize the answer is "because he is your child.")

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Pumped up kicks

Ella and Luke are both playing soccer this year. They're on different teams but in the same age category which means (drum roll please) they're playing against each other this Saturday 10/8. The game has been very anticipated all season and it's finally here. It's at our local soccer complex at 10:30. I invited some people via facebook but let me know if you want more details so you can see this spectacular display of athleticism.

Sweet genius

So I made some of these the other day...
I happened to have an extra dozen or so cuppies around so I let the kids use the frosting gun thingy and play with the leftovers...

As a side note, please ignore the hideously decorated kitchen in the background. We haven't been able to remodel it...(yet)...