Friday, September 28, 2012

Book club update

Sooooo...since we talked last time I've been reading a bit.  I read this book:
I found it to be an interesting premise but thought it lacked depth in the character development.  Cliff's Notes version goes a little something like this: There were tons of vampires in America during the 1800's that killed bunches of people.  Abraham Lincoln was like a post-Colonial times Buffy the Vampire Slayer cause one of those blood-suckers killed his mama. He abolished slavery because they were using slaves for bad reasons (as opposed to raping, beating, and working them to death).  I would say I minimally liked it.

Then I read this one:
There was a poor, black lady in the 50's that had cervical cancer with some butt-kicking cells that revolutionized modern medicine.   It was pretty good.  I'm going to a lecture at OSU on Tuesday to listen to one of her children speak.

I'm currently reading this:
I nearly cried I was laughing so hard at this book in the beginning.  I think most people would like it because it a.) affirms that you are NOT the most neurotic person in the world and b.) affirms that you are NOT the most neurotic person in the world.  If you find the F word offensive or hate people with mental illness like GAD, OCD, MDD, etc, this is not the book for you.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Out of the mouths of (quasi) babes

So I surprised Ella and Luke by having lunch with them at school.  I try to do this a few times a school year because it's fun and they love it (Plus I bring Subway which is spectacular when your other choice is a PB&J).

I thought y'all might enjoy some of the things that the kids discussed with me today while sitting around the lunch table.  They share a lot.  A LOT!  All of these are true.  Seriously.  True story.

  • Hey!  Why are you here?
  • Hey!  Are you Ella's mom?  You look like you'd be Ella's Mom.  Ella, is that your mom?
  • My Mom tried to fit into her high school cheerleader outfit the other day.  She was fine everywhere but her boobs.  She had surgery because she used to have itty bitty boobs.  She got tired of buying her bras at Victoria's Secret so she got surgery. 
  • We live in a basement.  It's a big basement, though.  We might build a cabin someday.  Probably one with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and a little bit of yard.
  • My Mom's not going to get married anymore.  She and Mr X (I forget the guy's name) just kept cussin and hatin on each other for like 6 months so they don't want to get married.
  • Does your Mom have ADHD? Cause she's scaring me.
  • Gimme your cookie, Annie!  Last time I'm asking!
  • My sister glued my mom's boyfriend pants together once. 
  • I wish my mom came to have lunch with me but she never has.
  • Hey Annie!  Check out what I got down my pants! (don't worry, it was just a small stuffed animal)
  • My dad brings us donuts in the morning. 
  • See those kids over there?  They beat me up every day at recess.  I need to run faster.
  • Your Subway smells good...can I have it?
  • My Mom said she was going to show up at school one day in her high heels ringing a bell in the middle of my class.  (I have no idea what this means.  Even with further prompting I was very confused.).

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Soccer season

Self Pix

Nothing new to report here, Captain!

We haven't really done much lately that has been blog worthy so I'll leave you with this disgusting looking set of bug bites that I got while sitting at the fair a couple weeks ago.  I almost
lost my arm
had bug babies crawl out of my arm
felt sorry for myself cause it was so itchy.
Is it just me or does it look like a pair of mammary glands?
(Aron says I can't say "boobs" on the blog)


We went to a fair a couple weeks ago with our friend, Sam.  The kids always like to try out all the farm equipment that is displayed at the fair. 

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Mona Lisa in the Ella style

Recently, we went to our local fair.  As we walked thru one of the buildings where things were displayed, Ella told me to wait a sec.  She ran up to a wall with artwork displayed on it and said "Hey, this is mine."   Apparently at the end of last school year, the art teacher held back some examples of what she thought was good work to hang at the fair.  This is Ella's interpretation of Mona Lisa.

Yup, that's hers

Sunday, September 02, 2012

This one's for you, Kortney

Remember those cute bows you made?  This one is currently serving Ella in her world beautification/world dominance efforts.  Poor unicorn pillow pet!