Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mommy's Little Crime Fighters

Both of the kids have received Jr police badges in the last month.  As long as Luke stays on the correct side of the jail cell, I'm happy.

You Can't Take Me Anywhere

Part of the time we were at the fair, we walked through the poultry barn which included chickens, ducks, and geese.  I'm not very mature so I found ways to amuse myself by taking pics of the animals and giving them nicknames.

Aron amused himself by teaching our nephew Benny how to cock fight.  Boundaries, Aron.  Boundaries.

Clearly this chicken was nicknamed The Cheetah Zebra hybrid or Chee-bra.

This guy was Grandpa because he had gray feathers.
This guy?  He's obviously Gene Simmons of Kiss.
And below is (drum roll please)
Donald Trump.


Ella's friend showed sheep at the fair and was kind enough to let her lead one.  Cute!

Fair time

We went to a local fair and rode some rides with some friends of ours: a family of 4 girls.  I think Ella's a little jealous of all the girlyness that she can't have because she's stuck with a little brother instead.  She'll just have to get over it because this factory is closed.



I don't know when I turned into the crazy parent that lets their kid put a tent up in the sunroom and sleep in it all week.

But I have.

Let's breathe deeply and embrace it, shall we.

New Hobby

The kids have a new favorite hobby which is scootering around town.  Their favorite spot is in the neighborhood library parking lot.

Mini Aron?

I really think Luke looks like Aron in this pic.  Why did I even bother tossing my genes in the ring with this kid?

10,000 Takes Later and I Still Didn't Get a Good Shot!