Thursday, May 24, 2012

Support system

Gram and Ella with Poppy (my parents)
Ella had 10 supporters at her recital this year.  She had a blast!  I didn't get a pic of her with Luke because he was too busy watching a movie in the staging area.  Boys!
Aron and his Ellie Bellie Boo Boo

Ella with her Lindy and Steve (Aron's parents)

Ella and her Aunt Robbie

Ella and her Auntie T (my friend, Tori)

I think we've covered an entire season in just one game...

Pre game beverage (Fruit punch Kool-aid): Check

Pre game photo op with your Dad: check

First at bat at an official game: check

Rounding second and going to third: check

Messing around in the dugout with your buddy: check

First experience in catcher's gear: check

Playing pitcher and stopping a grounder: check

Chewing your nails on the pitcher's mound during some down time: check

Monday, May 21, 2012

So I put my hands up...they're playin' my song...butterflies fly away...

The ladies before their performance...Ella is the
on the far right, last one sitting on the bench.
A couple weeks ago, Ella's dance instructor had them participate in a dance competition.  This was Ella's first time doing a performance other than her yearly recital.  To say that she loved it is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  She had a fantastic time.  They even got 2nd place for their age and division.  I heard it was out of 6 teams groups whatever the heck you call them but I don't really know.
Ella's in the middle.  They were warming up.

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again, I don't get this whole "dance business" but I understand happy.
And this kid's happy.

We went with a couple friends to Chipotle between the
performance and the awards ceremony.  Ella's on the right,
her friend is in the middle and her friend's sister is
on the left.

The lovelies after their performance.  Ella is third from the left

She is the dancing spaz  queen...young and sweet...
only seventeeeeeen...(lyrics by ABBA)...

Still getting her spaz on...

She loved that medal around her neck!

Check out the hands in that first position!

Her whole group plus the poor girl who broke her arm a week prior to the show and her instructor.
Ella's on the far right.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don't Need Nothin...But a Good Time...

Yes, you can choose any of the colors...
Recently, Chase had his 4th birthday party.  Everyone knows it's just not a party until your cousin promotes her mani/pedi business at your house and makes you the first customer.  She was pretty stoked that she earned $5.15.  Score!

You gotta sit super still...

Uncle Jeffy, I said you need to zip it and turn around so I can polish you already...


Pretty and smelly-licious.  It's grape scented polish!

El Fin

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inside Luke is a fat kid just waiting to bust out

Luke was sick last week and lost a few pounds.  For those of you who know him, he does not have a few pounds to lose!  I've been doing my best to chunk him back up this week.  This scene played out at my house today...

(Enters room) Ella: "Why does Luke just eat, eat, EAT all the time!  He's such a pig!"
(Sighs) Me: "Why do you care so much what he's eating?  You worry about you."
(Rolls eyes) Ella: "He's already had 2 applesauces, a popsicle, and NOW he's eating an ice cream!"
(Double sighs) Me: "I'm trying to chunk him up a little, Ella.  He needs to gain a few."
(Walks into room) Luke (crumbs falling out his mouth): "Yeah, Ella, I gotta gain a few."  *burp* "I'm too skinny.  Hey what happened those cheetos from Tolly's yesterday?"
(Turns to me) Ella: "He's gross."
(Looks at floor) Me: "Get used to it."

**update: Since Luke came home from school today, he has eaten the previously mentioned 2 containers of applesauce, 3 popsicles, the ice cream drumstick, 2 tacos, a yogurt, an entire sleeve of saltines, and a fruit snack.  He just asked what was next.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Pre-recital teaser

Finally, after 6 years of this ballet gig, I think I've finally got the hair thing down.  I tried to look for pictures of the previous year's poor attempts at wrangling her hair but couldn't find any.  Rest assured that it was bad.

Ella has her first ballet competition this weekend on Sunday and her regular recital is the Friday after that,