Thursday, May 03, 2012

DIY: body scrub edition

I love this.  I love pink grapefruit scent. I love a good oil-based scrub. I love how the salt exfoliates your skin and the oil soaks in the skin.  I love using scrub on the kids in the summer after being outside and getting dirty.  I love it all.  Except the dirt.  I could live without you, Dirt.
However, I'm trying to save money because I have a goal (maybe you've heard of this goal once or twice, Pearl).  So I've been making my own scrub lately.

Here's what you need: a big jar, a big thing of sea salt, body oil of
some sort (I used Trader Joe's lavender body oil and Neutragena's
Sesame body oil.), and some essential oils.

Measure a cup of your oil

Pour it in a mixing bowl

Measure a cup of salt

Pour it in a bowl

Add a couple drops of essential oils.  This one is
This one is sweet orange

Stir it

Pour it in a big jar.

I usually make several batches at a time and store it in this jar and have several smaller containers in my showers.  It's significantly cheaper to make your own.  I found some coarse sea salt (my first choice would have been fine sea salt but it's not a biggie because it was on clearance for 60 cents!!!) which was about 20 cents, the lavender body oil was 2.50 for 1 cup, not sure how much the drops of essential oils were.  We'll call it less than $3 for one batch that you have to pay $15 for in a nice store (I'm not talking about a Walmart brand scrub but an actual nice scrub that 6 year olds in China didn't make.  ). 

The great thing about this scrub is that you can mix it up however you would like: 

Don't like scent in your scrub?  Don't use it.
Don't like salt/it dries out your skin?  Use brown sugar.
Like baby oil?  Olive oil? Sweet almond oil?  Another type of oil?  Use it.  I've tried quite a few.  Straight olive oil makes your tub a little slippery unless you make sure you rinse it down really well.  It's pretty hard to mess this up.

Now go forth, blog readers, and DIY.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You're very enteraining!

Anonymous said...

In the interest of attaining your Goal - another money saving personal hygiene idea:
You'll Need:
an ordinary flexible drinking straw
Instructions: Take deep breath. Place one end of dryer in mouth. Bend over. Place other end of dryer near belly button. Blow. Repeat if necessary.
CAUTION * Do NOT inhale when dryer is near belly button