Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inside Luke is a fat kid just waiting to bust out

Luke was sick last week and lost a few pounds.  For those of you who know him, he does not have a few pounds to lose!  I've been doing my best to chunk him back up this week.  This scene played out at my house today...

(Enters room) Ella: "Why does Luke just eat, eat, EAT all the time!  He's such a pig!"
(Sighs) Me: "Why do you care so much what he's eating?  You worry about you."
(Rolls eyes) Ella: "He's already had 2 applesauces, a popsicle, and NOW he's eating an ice cream!"
(Double sighs) Me: "I'm trying to chunk him up a little, Ella.  He needs to gain a few."
(Walks into room) Luke (crumbs falling out his mouth): "Yeah, Ella, I gotta gain a few."  *burp* "I'm too skinny.  Hey what happened those cheetos from Tolly's yesterday?"
(Turns to me) Ella: "He's gross."
(Looks at floor) Me: "Get used to it."

**update: Since Luke came home from school today, he has eaten the previously mentioned 2 containers of applesauce, 3 popsicles, the ice cream drumstick, 2 tacos, a yogurt, an entire sleeve of saltines, and a fruit snack.  He just asked what was next.


Gram said...

Love you buddy, skinny or eating all the time.

Jeanne said...

Luke, keep eating! My former micro preemie is chunkier than you. Maybe you could teach her that foods other than chicken nuggets and cookies are good though.

tollyfaye said...

perhaps you should get a second job at Krogers for the discount. . . I think you're going to need it!