Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mr. Elite Athlete

Yup, He's the big #2. That's my nephew. Mr. Basketball.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

We went to my nephew, Myles', basketball game tonight. He did really well but sometimes it's hard to keep your attention the whole time.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Librarians Part Deux

I'm not sure if we have the book you want, Ma'am. Let me look.
Give me a minute, Ma'am! I said I don't know if we have what you want!
Find your own darn book, lady!
I will look over your selections and see if I deem you worthy to check them out.
These have been approved.
I'm scanning your selection, Ma'am.
Please bring them back in a timely manner.
The kids love to play library. Long time blog readers will remember this post...
They played library outside the other day. They were the least friendly librarians I've ever seen. I've got to say that I received better service back in 2010. Now they're just a couple of elementary school hardened kids.
Tough love.

The Essentials

I bought this bag a few years ago for Ella. It is designed to hold little kid gardening tools. I do believe that Ella has "repurposed" it.
The specs:
  • lotion
  • body spray
  • 100 nail polishes
  • eyeshadows

Compute this

If you come to my house anytime soon, the kids may or may not choose to engage in conversation with you. They're busy with other things. Like Monkey Quest.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our buddy, Gavin, came over the other day...

He took a quick tour of the princess tent in Ella's room...
Located her makeup/nail polish/girly station...
Selected a polish...
Selected a polish some more...
Then he got his tough guy personna back on...

Who's a baptism boy?

We went to Benny's baptism a few weeks ago at Kevin and Annie's church. It was very lovely but unfortunately, this is the only good picture we got. I left Aron in charge of the camera for the day. He doesn't know the sheer volume of pictures you have to take in order to get a few good ones for the blog.

In other Benny-related news, he has his own blog now. If you want the low down on the new guy in town, click here.