Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Librarians Part Deux

I'm not sure if we have the book you want, Ma'am. Let me look.
Give me a minute, Ma'am! I said I don't know if we have what you want!
Find your own darn book, lady!
I will look over your selections and see if I deem you worthy to check them out.
These have been approved.
I'm scanning your selection, Ma'am.
Please bring them back in a timely manner.
The kids love to play library. Long time blog readers will remember this post...
They played library outside the other day. They were the least friendly librarians I've ever seen. I've got to say that I received better service back in 2010. Now they're just a couple of elementary school hardened kids.
Tough love.

1 comment:

Con said...

Ella could be a real librarian, with some of those looks she's giving. Scary.