Monday, May 21, 2012

So I put my hands up...they're playin' my song...butterflies fly away...

The ladies before their performance...Ella is the
on the far right, last one sitting on the bench.
A couple weeks ago, Ella's dance instructor had them participate in a dance competition.  This was Ella's first time doing a performance other than her yearly recital.  To say that she loved it is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  She had a fantastic time.  They even got 2nd place for their age and division.  I heard it was out of 6 teams groups whatever the heck you call them but I don't really know.
Ella's in the middle.  They were warming up.

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again, I don't get this whole "dance business" but I understand happy.
And this kid's happy.

We went with a couple friends to Chipotle between the
performance and the awards ceremony.  Ella's on the right,
her friend is in the middle and her friend's sister is
on the left.

The lovelies after their performance.  Ella is third from the left

She is the dancing spaz  queen...young and sweet...
only seventeeeeeen...(lyrics by ABBA)...

Still getting her spaz on...

She loved that medal around her neck!

Check out the hands in that first position!

Her whole group plus the poor girl who broke her arm a week prior to the show and her instructor.
Ella's on the far right.


Gram said...

Who is that beautiful girl with blue eye shadow (just like Gram), red lipstick and some teeth missing in that nice smile? I know, I know. It's my Sweetie Pie!

Connie said...

Love it! Ella, you rocked it!! You looked lovely!!

heidi said...

I get happy too! Glad she had fun... And I sense your inner psycho dance mom just itching to come out....