Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Break: Woo hoo!

We decided to do a little spring break to Chicago this year.  It was great so I'm going to bombard you with our pictures in multiple posts!
First stop: Shedd Aquarium with our friends Jenny and Tommy!
They spent a lot of time doing this together looking at the various
fish in the tanks.  Such cuties. (L to R: Ella, Luke, Tommy)

Mo-om!  The fish is eating my ha-and.

Yes, she really is almost 5 feet tall.  Yes, I am only
5'3"  No that doesn't scare me.

But that's ok because Jenny isn't any taller than me without her kid
on her shoulders!

I see you! (Tommy on left, Luke on right)

Ella is in the stripes on the right.

They wanted to act like they were holding the beluga whale in their hands like it was a presentation.  Yup.  That's probably totally normal.

They had a play area where you could get dressed up
like a penguin and go down a slide...

...but why would you bother going down the
slide in a normal way?

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Con said...

I cannot believe Ella is that tall! She is almost as tall as me! I know, I know...not hard. She and Sam must be about the same. Love the pics!!