Thursday, May 25, 2006

I love me a good binky

It's funny how kids learn to prefer certain things from an early age. Luke uses a pacifier (we call it a binky) when he goes to sleep. He has 2 binkies that we use--one yellow one and one green one. Whenever I hold him to get him to go to sleep, I give him his choice of the yellow or green one by sitting them out in front of him. Every time, he chooses the yellow one. I wonder if he prefers the color yellow or if it was particularly comforting to him one lonely night. I think I missed my calling doing research because I tested my hypothesis (Luke will always choose the yellow binky) by alternating whether its on his right or left to see if he just prefers the object on his right or left side. Further still, I've made the green one closer to see if he would just choose the binky closest to him. Alas, he always chooses the yellow one even if he has to work a little bit to get it. He doesn't throw a fit if he has to use the green one (i.e. I can't find the yellow one) but given the choice, it's yellow over green every time. I wonder if this is just a phase. Maybe in a couple weeks, green will be where its at for him.

Anyhoo, we've been a house of sickness this week. Ella started it off last week then Luke got sick on Monday then I've been sick for the last couple days. Tomorrow is our big garage sale so we'd better all be healthy by then or I'm in trouble!


Anonymous said...

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