Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Wedding Anniversary Par-tay, BABY!

My Aunt and Uncle's 25th wedding anniversary was on Sunday. I was their flower girl those many years ago (and was the cutest darn flower girl you ever saw let me tell you--a vision in pastel pink lace). They had their party at a local gated community's lodge overlooking the lake. It was very pretty there. Here's a pic of my Mom and Ella hanging out.

My Aunt's very excited because her son is getting married this Thanksgiving and Ella is going to be the flower girl for their wedding. We already have her dress and I hear that there was a flower girl tiara purchased for Ella. The ring bearer will be Myles. I'm no Diane Warwick or LaToya Jackson but the psychic in me says with those two kids involved it will be good times, my friend, good times.

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