Monday, June 05, 2006

Annie and Kevin and Myles (Oh my!)

Whew! Another busy weekend in our house! We dropped the kids off at Granny Lindy and Grandpa Steve's house to hang out on Saturday. Aunt Annie and Uncle Kevin came to visit that day. Ella and Luke hung out there while Aron and I went shopping. I hear that both the kids were well behaved and took naps at Lindy's like they were supposed to. Lindy bought a swing to hang from one of their trees and Ella and Luke tested it out. It was a huge hit! Much swinging...many good times...does it get much better than that.

Saturday night we went to a graduation party for one of Aron's cousins. It was nice but rained a lot. There was a chocolate fondue fountain there, though, which made up for the rain.

On Sunday, we went to church and afterwards hung out at my grandparents house. Ella and Myles thought it would be a good idea to ride each other like horses around their house while each calling the other one "Old Paint." I think that comes from one of their Backyardigans cartoons but I'm not sure. Anyway, many more good times there.

Sunday evening we went to my Mom and Dad's to check on the progress of the fireplace that he's putting in their living room. Looks pretty good so far (well, as good as it can look given that there's not actually a wall between their living room and garage right now but good nonetheless). Sunday evening Aron and I watched Myles at our house while Jeff and Robin went to watch a movie. Aron and the kiddies played in the back yard (actually I think he put the kids to work by making them pick up sticks in the yard but to heck with child labor laws, right?) while I made dinner. We ate dinner, watched a movie, and then it was time for Myles to go home. More good times! Yes!


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