Thursday, June 15, 2006


The Accomplice
aka Spaz
aka My Naughty Valentine
aka The Stealthy Instigator
The Culprit
aka Babyface Luke
aka Lukie Bear
aka Cool Hand Luke
*I have censored myself for this blog but I think after reading this post, you might want to say it, too.

So, I thought I'd be nice to Aron and go to the local bakery to order a pie for him for Father's Day. Anyone who knows Aron knows of his deep love of pie. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not enjoy making pie and am not good at it. Anyhoos, I loaded up the kids in the stroller and went to the bakery to order a pie. I'm standing there talking with Cindy (the owner of the bakery) about what kind of pie I would like for Aron (for those of you who care, I settled on a caramel apple pie--think apple pie with a boat load of caramel dumped on the top). Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I see a flash of chubby arm and hand. After that, everything happened in slow motion. I turned my head to see my darling little Luke pulling over for the display of yummy looking cupcakes. I shout "Oh sh#t!" and lunge for him but the damage was done. My little Luke pulled over the display of cupcakes onto himself. Let's just say that I ended up leaving the bakery with a few cupcakes.

As a side note, no Ella did not repeat my expletive which is good. But for those of you who know the Christmas tree story, let's just hope that there's no repeat performance of that episode. Damn it.

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