Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's official

Luke's crawling. I think it happened overnight. I went to work on Tuesday like I normally do. When I came home, my Mom told me that Luke crawled right over to a toy to play with it. He wouldn't do it for me again all evening so I was beginning to think that my Mom had made it up (either that or she's putting a little extra something in her iced tea if you know what I'm saying). Today, however, he got up and crawled multiple times. He'd better get crackin if he wants to catch up with Ella's walking timeline. She was crawling at 7 months and walking at 10months. Although, I think he's ahead of her with regards to pulling himself to standing. He can pull himself up on quite a few things now and is working on transferring himself from one toy to the next. He's finally mastered the art of going from sitting to crawl position and back to sitting. He's such a big boy now. I know, I know, I say that like every other blog but I really mean it this time.

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