Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Part 3--Sunday edition

Sunday edition of our weekend was just as busy as Saturday. We went to church in the morning. I think maybe Myles had an extra dose of pure energy that morning. He was running around church yelling "NEW SHOES. NEW SHOES. NEW SHIRT. NEW SHIRT." It was quite entertaining to say the least. After church we briefly stopped at home to pick up a contribution to our family's annual summer picnic (a salad) and then headed off to the picnic. It was also my Grandparent's (GG and Pawp) 60th wedding anniversary. There was quite a large crew there (about 25 of us) and it was all kinds of fun. My Aunt Pam (also a big favorite of Ella's) was the organizer officianado and brought along games and stuff for the kids. Aron brought along our Boce set and there was a spirited game of Boce in the side yard. Boce is usually a good game to bring along to parties because it doesn't require too much skill and most people can play it...except for my Dad who really stinks at it. He was paired up with my cousin's daughter who is 9 or so. She scored all of the points for her and my dad's team. It makes it fun to watch though, because it just kills him that he's bad at it. Good times, good times.

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