Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Part 2

Auntie T and Ella
This was my first trip to Dayton. I don't think I'll be returning anytime soon. No offense to the lovely people of Dayton. We drove the 2 hours to Dayton and it was nice because the kids slept most of the way there. Once we got there, we met up with Auntie T and Granny Lanny (my friend Tori and her mom, Lana). The church was a beautiful Catholic church right by the Univ of Dayton. Now here's where things start to horribly go wrong. We take our handy dandy directions to the reception and follow them (and several other cars) to start to go to the reception. We're driving along, driving along, driving along, driving along, UNTIL WE'RE IN BEAVERCREEK! I turn to Aron and I'm like "this isn't right, the reception place was only like 5 minutes away from the church. we need to go back." We stopped at some lovely children's park and Aron went to ask someone directions. The very nice woman came back to our car and helped us look on the map to figure out how to get back to the church. Ok, so we went back to the church. We started out with our directions again only to find that we were again going toward Beaver Creek. We turned around and stopped at some random woman who was sitting in her driveway selling tickets to a local garden club event that was going on. Again, a very nice woman who even helped Aron draw out a new map of where to go. So we head out once more. We drive around and around and around and around. Who knew that there were so many name changes for Dayton's streets? You'd think that would be confusing for poor out of towners such as ourselves and would make it difficult for them to get around. We would go for 3 blocks and the street would be known as Dixie Highway then it would suddently turn into Patterson then it would suddenly turn into something else. Eventually through the help of several more lovely Dayton-ers, we made it there. By the time we got to the reception, it was a good hour after we left. I was ready to throw my friend's wedding present towards the door of the reception hall and leave because we were convinced that we were so late that we had missed the dinner and everything. UNTIL, I saw a long, stretch Hummer coming down the road. It was the wedding party! We weren't too late! At this point I started to laugh--because it was either that or cry--and we decided to go in and have a good time. We got in the reception and found out that many other wedding guests had gotten lost, also. That made me feel not so bad. So, in summary, KUDOS TO THE LOVELY FOLKS IN DAYTON and GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR to my friend who wrote the directions to the reception wrong (you know I still love you, Daryle).


Tori said...

I second that GRRRR.

And I also feel the need to clarify that Ella doesn't hate sitting on my lap as much as it looks like she does.

She just hates looking at my mom, who was taking the picture.

For whatever reason, Granny Lanny was not a big favorite of Ella's that day.

Annie said...

I'm not sure what it is about Lanny...each time Ella sees her it takes a while to warm up to her. Oh well.