Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Special Friends

Ella has been working on her letters lately by using her wooden blocks. She can recognize almost all of the letters and name them for you. We've also been teaching her some words that go along with the letters like S for Steve and R for Robbie, etc. On Monday, Ella, Luke, and I were all upstairs in her room playing with the blocks. She grabbed the S and said "S for Steve." Then she grabbed the L and said "L for Lindy." She put them together on the floor and said "Steve and Lindy...special friends." Then she got the A for Aunt Annie and K for Uncle Kevin and put them together, too, along with G for Grammie/P for Poppy and J for Jeff /R for Robin. She declared each set of them special friends. Then she got the L for Luke and E for Ella and said "Buddies." HOW CUTE IS THAT?? I also find it interesting that she didn't try to label herself and Luke as special friends. Maybe on a subconscious level she knows that there's something different about her and Luke's relationship that makes them buddies instead of special friends? Who knows? I just thought it was pretty darn cute.

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