Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Shut up and put your money where your mouth is!

(I love that song but have mixed feelings about Katy Perry. Anyhoos, I digress...)

We finally took the plunge. Well, Aron plunged more than me. He traded in his Dodge Dakota truck that had given his almost 10 years of faithful service for a new automobile. We took advantage of the Cash for Clunkers STEAL offered by the government so we got $4500 in trade for his truck that had a Blue Book value of only $500. Don't worry, I hugged the truck as we were leaving and offered words of encouragement for him on his new journey.

P.S. We told the kids it would be living on a farm somewhere helping someone work. It's kind of like when a pet dies and you lie to the kid and tell them that your pet really went to live on a farm in it's golden years.

Out with the old...

In with the new...

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