Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mommy Road Trip

Why, yes, yes I do enjoy ice cream...
I, also, enjoy the culinary delight known as "ice cream"

Ye triple set of single scoops...Extreme Moose Tracks, Dinosaur Crunch, and Cookies-n-Cream

Ye little children in front of an assortment of all the ice creams that Velvet offers
Ye old school ice cream maker

Ye old handy dandy GPS... (again I say thank you to my dad who bought me the GPS, even though he may not be speaking to me after I called him Grumpasaurus Rex...)
Ye old mill sign

I've been meaning to take the kids to this place for a while. It's the Velvet Ice Cream factory in Utica. Aron was busy with other things (you know, work and stuff) so the kids and I went by ourselves.

I was a little disappointed in the actual factory viewing portion of the facility (you couldn't really see anything that was going on and it was just one little room that you could walk by) but the rest of the place was fun. There was a play area, a pond complete with ducks, and a nature trail. We spent about 30 seconds looking in the factory and a couple hours doing the rest. The best part, you ask?

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