Monday, October 02, 2006

What's in a name?

In this picture you will see Ella standing next to a dry erase board thing. In her hand is a dry erase marker (Con, stop laughing now. This isn't training. Yes, it is erasable and no, she isn't an eye doctor). Anyhoos, Ella was sitting at her table in the living room when all the sudden she says "Mommy. Daddy. Come quick!" Aron and I went running in there thinking that there was an emergency or something. She points at her table and says "Ella write her name." What? Aron and I looked down and sure enough, she had written her name. I didn't guide her hand or anything. You can see the E, then on top of the E is an L. Next to the L is a 7 looking thing but to the right of the 7 is another L. Way off to the right is her A. I know it's not all neat and tidy or even all in a row but it counts as her name in my book. She was very proud of it, too. She wanted to know how to spell other people's names but she didn't those as well--looked more like scribbles than anything.

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