Friday, October 27, 2006

Ears Are For Listening

The kids. They hear what they want to hear sometimes, ay? Ella has been picking up on phrases that I say that probably aren't the nicest things to say. Like when Aron is nagging at me (an every day occurrence) to do something, I tend to mutter under my breath "ok, ok, you're killing me." The other day Luke was pulling at Ella's sippy cup trying to get a drink of her milk and I heard her tell him "Lukie! You have to stop. You're killing me!" Hmm...probably not the worst thing she could say but not the nicest either. I guess I should stop saying that, huh?

BUT she also picks up on the good things I say, too. When she's being a good girl, I try to make sure I reward her with a little something. I try to reward good behavior as often as giving her a negative consequence when she's not behaving. When I give her whatever it is (be it a special hair clip or a sticker or whatever), I tell her that she's been a good girl, that I'm proud of her, and that she's special to me. The other day, she was eating an apple. I asked her if I could have a bite. She leaned over, kissed my arm and said "Sure. You know why? Cause you're special to me, Mommy."

Oh, the sweetness. I think I could make a batch of cookies with all the sugary sweetness that kid has.

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