Friday, October 27, 2006

Luke's Big Speech

Luke likes to talk now. I mean, he really likes to talk. He'll tell you all about anything and everything. He's learned how to moo when he sees a toy cow (that trick is courtesy of Grammie). He also makes engine noises whenever he plays with his cars or tractors. A favorite pass time is to point at Jane and tell you all about whatever she's doing. This of course is a series of non-sensical syllables but the point is that he's learning how to tell people a story. He pauses while you answer him. Once you stop talking he continues with his story. He's learning how to be a polite listener that way, I guess.

He likes to tell you all about the big haul of birthday presents he got, too. He especially enjoys his Sesame St tool belt as he is modeling in this picture. I think you can see the Ernie screwdriver and the Oscar the Grouch hammer. Both of which he tries to use on our kitty, Jane. Poor Jane. Ouch

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Tori said...

it's really no wonder jane has IBS