Sunday, October 29, 2006

Arrrrrrrr Matey!

Last night was trick or treat for the kiddos. Ella and Myles were pirates (Arrrrrrrrrr) and Luke was their parrot. Aunt Robbie constructed them a pirate ship complete with sails and a skull and crossbones flag that fit over Myles's little red wagon. Aunt Robbie should've been a carpenter with all the skills she has. I made Luke's costume this year because I couldn't find a parrot costume that I liked.

While we were out trick or treating, my Mom and Aron's parents handed out all kinds of candies and mini containers of playdoh. I hear that the playdoh was quite a hit. Much to Aron's dismay, I still have not let him be "Full Size Candy Bar Guy." He wants to be that guy that hands out a full sized candy bar to all the kids. This year he decided that his ultimate dream would be to hand out the full sized candy bar AND a can of Coke. I told him the instant we win the lottery he will be allowed to do that. Until then, I'm just going to be a meanie and squash his fun.

Our friends, Matt and Kortney, came over with their daughter, Kaylene, to help us trick or treat. Kortney made Kaylene's costume and she is way more skilled than I am in that area.

After trick or treating, we all came back to our house and enjoyed a variety of soups, bread, cookies, birthday cake (for Aron--Happy 29th!), and pie. Mmm...mmm...good.

P.S.--I used some photoshop magic to white out our For Sale information. You never know if there might be a psycho who stumbles across the blog.

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Tori said...

Uhhmmm....I'm that YOUR house that's for sale? Because I'm really out of the loop if it is.