Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Luke-Day!

It was Luke's birthday yesterday. We didn't do much to celebrate because his parties aren't until this coming weekend. We're having one with Aron's family on Saturday (Aunt Annie and Uncle Kevin are making the long trip for the occasion) and my family on Sunday. He will have plenty of opportunities to eat tons of yummy birthday cake so please don't worry that he will be deprived.

Luke has been talking non-stop lately. He has started to work on perfecting his "Daddy" and it has evolved into more of a "Daa-ee" sounding word. He has also starting calling our kitty by her name (her name is Jane but from him it sounds more like "Ayyn-ee"). He is able to say "Duh" for duck. Basically, anything that starts with the letter D he'll at least attempt to say. We tried to get him to say Poppy over the weekend but it didn't work so we had him calling my dad David. It worked enough that he could get out "Day-i." Pretty good for such a little guy.

We have busy week coming up. Today there's not much planned but tomorrow is Grammie Day (think fun Disney movies from her library). Wednesday is Granny Lindy day. She's going to attempt to take Ella to Miss Lori's story hour while I'm at work. We'll see how that goes. Thursday is Grammie's story hour for Ella and Miss Lori's story hour for Luke. Friday my friend, Steve, is coming for a visit before he moves from Detroit to California : (

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