Monday, October 23, 2006

Birthday-palooza part 2

On Saturday, we had Aron's family over. We celebrated both Ella and Luke's birthdays that day since Aunt Annie is really busy and lives far away. I opened the front door while we were waiting for AAnnie and UKevin to come. I found the kids standing in the doorway watching for them. (See also bottom picture)

Aron's Granny was supposed to come to the party along with Aron's Grandpa but she ended up not feeling well so she went to the hospital. It turns out she has atrial fibrillation which has responded well to medication so she should be fine. She's supposed to get out of the hospital tomorrow.

Granny Lindy made Ella and Luke special cakes.
Ella's was a doll cake--her dress is a decorated cake. Luke's was a special little cupcake just for him. Both cakes were a hit! (See top picture).

All too soon it was time for AAnnie to head home. Ella missed her a bunch after she left so we decided to call her to say hi on her long drive home. At the end of the conversation, she told her "Love you, miss you, bye" which is her typical sign off but this time, she kissed the phone and then gave it a hug. It was very sweet.

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