Monday, October 30, 2006

They call him The Tank

My family enjoys calling Luke "The Tank." They think he's very stocky and tank-like when he walks around. He looks like he's going to knock over anything and anyone in his path. Well, that and the fact that he'll eat anything that doesn't run away from him.

We went to Dr. Brown's office today for Luke's 12 month check up. She dispelled the myth that Lukie is chubby and tank-like. She weighed and measured him and it turns out that he's still a pretty small guy. He weighs 19 1/2 pounds which is at the 6% and 28 3/4 inches long (20%). She said he's still doing pretty well with his skills especially his speech. He can say words like Daddy, Ella, Jane, David, Banana, moos, and clucks like a chicken. I asked her why she thought he was so low on the weight chart when he had been up around the 25% at the last check up. She's not sure but her theory is that because he started to walk earlier than typical baby (he walked at 10 months and the average is 12 months) he started to burn calories at an accelerated rate earlier (all babies start to stop gaining weight at a fast rate once they start walking and thus, burning more calories).

He also enjoys a good dance. Ella likes to sing to him while he dances. The dance mostly consists of bouncing around and swaying side to side a little bit. He also enjoys running around the house carrying his Farmer Tad Fridge Farm (an excellent toy from our good friends at LeapFrog by the way. I highly recommend it) and hitting the button to make it play music.

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