Friday, November 03, 2006

My Kid's Tougher Than Your Kid

My kid's tough as nails. I think she could out-tough a guy in one of those Tough Man Contests (or whatever they're called). I think she watches football and wishes they wouldn't be quite so wimpy and have to wear all that padding. You might be wondering why I'm saying this. Here, let me entertain and enlighten you with a little story.

Ella had to see Dr. Brown yesterday. She enjoys seeing her mostly because she knows it means a sticker or some awesome something or other. Anyhoos, Dr. Brown decided that she wanted Ella to do a urine sample and a blood draw. We had to do the blood draw at the hospital across the street from her office. As we went over to the hospital, I told her all about how there would be someone there who would take a little bit of blood from her arm and about how she would have to be a big, brave girl for me. She said she could do this. So, we registered then we went downstairs to the lab. We waited our turn and then went in the room and said hi to the phlebotomists (the nice ladies who take your blood). I wasn't able to get her to do a urine sample at the doctor's so after we gave the phlebotomists our paperwork, we trotted off to do the sample in the bathroom. We tried to go back in the room but noticed that a man was in the room getting his blood work done since we had gone potty. She watched him do his thing and I told Ella "See? He's getting his done, too." She leaned over to me very solemnly and said "He's being very brave, Mommy." I told her I thought he was brave, too.

It soon was our turn to get it done. Ella went right into the room and crawled up into the chair. She sat right down , rolled her sleeves up, put her arms out with wrists up and said "Ready." She then assumed the thousand yard stare. I asked her if she wanted to sit on my lap or hold my hand. She shook her head and said "No, thank you, Mommy." The phlebotomists looked at her and shook their heads. We were all thinking that this bravado wouldn't last long. They put the needle in her arm and she never moved a muscle. Didn't so much as bat an eye. She sat still the entire time they took the blood. When she was done, they asked if she wanted a sticker. She said "Yes, please." She picked out a sticker, pulled the paper backing off, and then placed it on my hand while telling me "You were very brave, Mommy. Good job."

My kid eats kids like yours for breakfast! Yea!


Connie said...

I have to say, I am highly impressed! Even Jack is afraid to get a flu shot this year! We won't even talk about SAm! Yep - your kid can eat mine for breakfast - and I wish she would some days!

Tori said...

oh my gosh. that is about the sweetest thing i've ever heard. she must know how hard it is for mommies to watch their babies get stuck with needles...

i'm very proud of you!