Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I went with my friend, Jeanne, last night and we got our haircut with Bridget. We've been going to Bridget together for a long time now but I just now got around to giving her my blogsite (bad Anna!). So hopefully, she'll become a faithful reader (Hi Bridge). I think I also forgot to mention that I linked my blog to Jeanne's blog ( about her gorgeous little cutie pie, Natalie.

I just wanted to mention something about my haircut last night. Bridget said two little words one never wants to hear right after having cut a chunk of your hair. These would be "OH CRAP!" Don't worry, don't worry, she wasn't "Oh crap"ping because she had made a mistake on my hair but because she had cut her finger with her scissors--ouch!! Despite the cut finger, she managed push through the pain to finish the haircut. Now that's dedication. Bridge rules.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out...Your kids are beautiful....I really like the dress and chef's hat...reminds me of someone....
hope the hair is doing well

Tori said...

hmmm... you should ask Bridget if she ever gets "hair splinters." Kylee occasionally gets "hair splinters." She was telling me about them once, and it really sicked me out. Made me very glad I teach LD teenagers.