Wednesday, November 15, 2006

They're Just So Darn Cute

How in the world did I end up with the cutest kids ever? It's a mystery to all, my friend.

I think Luke's finally hitting the stage where he has the skills to interact and wants to play. He loves taking his little Gator tractor and running it around the living room floor while he's making little engine noises. Aron has taught him to put the Gator in the barn when he's done playing with it. How cute (and delightfully organized of him).

The kids have really started to play with each other lately. They love to share snacks with each other and generally really get along. Ella likes to give him bites of her pudding or sips of her milk. I'm a little worried because I'm sure the day will come that they're smacking each other and pushing the other one away from a toy but that doesn't stop me from sitting back and enjoying the peaceful co-existence now.

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