Thursday, November 16, 2006

Now that's tasty!

Ella went to Grammie's story hour today. They celebrated Thanksgiving. I was hoping for Pilgrim and Indian costumes but there weren't (darn!). However, they did enjoy a Thanksgiving feast complete with turkey (turkey lunch meat--a fave of Ella's), popcorn (also a fave), and ICE CREAM. I don't think that the pilgrims had ice cream at their Thanksgiving nor did they have the strawberry syrup to put on top but that's neither here nor there (hey, I just used "nor" two times in one sentence. I can't say I've ever done that before. I hope I used it properly both times).

The kids also sang Happy Birthday to Ella because it's her birthday on Sunday. The big 0-3. She was very excited to have everyone sing to her.

She also made an enormous turkey. Our camera's thinking about dying so I didn't get a picture of it yet. I'll have to see if I can get it to work using my magical skills.

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