Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Ever Growing, Ever Changing LUKE

He's growing up fast, my friends. He's started to say all kinds of new words like duckie, desitin, gator, etc. Also, he's started making gestures for things he wants like yogurt (don't show that kid a container of yogurt and expect him not to eat it). He makes simple choices of milk or juice when I show him the containers. He's definitely started to show a preference for feeding himself. He even scoops up thicker foods like yogurt or chunky applesauce himself with a spoon. There's a definite preference for fruit over vegetables--don't get him started on dried blueberries because he won't stop. If you ask him if he needs a diaper change, he points to his diaper and nods. Ah, the beginnings of potty training. Ella was only a few months older than Luke is now when we started the process with her.

Our babysitter, Katie, came over last weekend while Aron and I went shopping. She brought birthday presents for both the kids since it had been a while since her last visit. Ella got a My Little Pony with accessories to brush the hair, a crown, and barrettes for its hair. It also came with a My Little Pony DVD that she really likes....really, REALLY watch it a bazillion times in a row likes it. Curse that Katie. Luke got a truck that makes engine noises when he presses the top. He loves that, too. He knows where to find it when you ask him where his Tough Boy Truck is. Both kids had a blast with Katie and was very sad to see her go. She'll be back this weekend, though, when Aron and I go to his work Christmas party on Saturday.

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