Friday, December 29, 2006

Toys and Food-What's Not To Love?

Luke's main gift from Santa was a Elmo Sing N Giggle Tool Bench (see also pix). He enjoys it quite a bit. It's Sesame Street--how could he not love it??

He's really started to pick up the pace with the things he can say and do. He can point to a duck and say "duh." If you ask him where the picture of a duck is in a book, he can flip through the pages until he finds one and points. He can get in the fridge and get his own juice box--he can't break the straw through the seal
but he can put it in once the seal is broken. My Mom and Dad got Luke a toy 4 wheeler for Christmas. He knew just what to do with it. He hopped right on, grabbed the handle bars and started making engine noises. Aunt Robbie got him a Radio Flyer scooter that has a bell he can ding on it. When he gets tired of being on one of these two things, he just transfers to the other.

He has found a new game he enjoys. It's called the "Drop food/sippy/fork/spoon from my high chair, say 'uh oh' and laugh" Game. Yeah, it was real cute the first 3000 times he did it. ..not so much any more. He can also say "whoopsie." Now that is still cute. He is getting clearer with saying Ella (more like El-uhh now), Grammie (Rammie), juice box (ooos ahx), "want that" (uhnt aaat).

The kid is wild, I mean WILD, about any kind of dried fruit. In particular, he enjoys craisins and blueberries. It almost makes me want to drag out my Mom's old food dehydrator from her basement and whip me up some homemade dried fruit. Almost. Not quite, Mom, so don't go dragging it over to my house on Tuesday. I always dream of being like my friend, Jeanne's Mom (Diane). When Jeanne was little, Diane would make them homemade yogurt. Did you hear me correctly? I said yo-gurt. This woman is some sort of patron saint of healthy eating for her kids. I think she even made them sweeten it with honey (no sugar). My hero.

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