Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I Loves Me Our Katie-Sitter

Aron had his office Christmas party over the weekend. One of the partners of his company hosted it at his house this year. We had our babysitter, Katie, come over a little early so Aron and I could go shopping before the party. As we were leaving, Aron remembered that we needed the directions to the party. He ran all around the house trying to find them but couldn't. We took off without the directions thinking we would call someone on the way. About 15 minutes into our journey, I got a text from Katie. She had found the directions and had typed them all out for us. Man, I love that girl. She probably thinks I'm the most disorganized freak ever but who cares cause she's got my back.

We went to the mall and saw our friend, Krystal, who was working some sort of crazy, heinous schedule at Macy's (think 10 AM to 11PM or something crazy like that) and did some shopping. We went to the party and had a good time. When we came home, Ella was still awake but fell asleep 2 seconds after I put her in bed because it was 11:30 (waaaaaaaay past when she normally goes to bed). She was having too good of a time with Katie having some "girl time" doing "girlish things." Luke had fallen asleep later than he normally does, too, but he only made it to 9:00. I think they're trying to tell me that Katie's more exciting than I am. We all know she's more exciting than Aron but more exciting than me???

After Katie left, I went into the office/toy room and found all of the toys neatly organized and put away in their respective baskets. I left that room and went to the kitchen and found the kitchen neatly organized with all of their dishes done from dinner and the counters wiped down. Man, I really love that girl. Can I swap her for Aron?

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