Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Seriously, Ashton Kutcher, Come Out Cause I Got Punk'd

I'm serious this time. We tried to buy my brother-in-law, Kevin, a magazine about motorcycles for Christmas. I'll be up front, Aron and I have no clue about motorcycles nor do we know about magazines and such. We looked at the magazine display at Barnes and Noble trying to pick one out and spent a solid 5 minutes trying to look at the covers to see which one looked the best. We picked one out and thought we had made a good selection--the cover promised in depth analysis of the most recent models of motorcycles by all the major manufacturers. Sounds good, right? Once we got it home, we decided to bust into the plastic wrap it came in to get a card to send him a subscription. As I'm going through it, I notice that there seemed to be a lot of women in the magazine but I wasn't really paying attention until I noticed that it had a centerfold in it. Huh, a centerfold, huh? Yeah, there was totally a naked chick on the bike. A more in depth look at the magazine revealed that there were quite a few ladies so excited about the most recent models of motorcycles that they had to get naked.

I'm thinking we would be on Santa's naughty list if we gave it to him for Christmas. Rats.

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