Sunday, August 05, 2012

Swim said the Momma fishy, swim if you can...

One of the things I love (and also hate) about Luke is that when he wants to do something, he will stop at nothing to accomplish it.  This summer's goal was passing the diving board test.  The test is required by the pool we go to before a kid can go off the diving board.  It includes swimming the width of the pool twice and treading water for 30 seconds.  He didn't pass the test in June when we first started going to the pool but was determined to try again.

Luke went up to the lifeguard the other day and told him he wanted to try.  The lifeguard looked his scrawny body up and down and gave him the look of "I'll let you try, kid, but only because I'm required to.  I would much rather continue to check out the lovely ladies in their bikinis instead." 

So he tried.

And he did!

The sweet taste of victory!

Yeah, this girl can do it, too.

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