Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I think I'm over camping for a while...

We've gone camping for the last few years on vacation.  I'm starting to enjoy it more than I used to but I still can't say camping is my favorite thing to do (sorry, Aron).  It rained quite a bit of the camping portion of the trip which didn't increase my love for camping.  There may or may not have been a large chunk of time during the downpours that I locked myself in the car and tried desperately to get some signal on my phone while I tried not to cry about wanting to be dry for just 10 damn minutes. 

Moving on...

For documentational purposes, this will forever be known as the trip that Luke invented the marshmallow sandwich.  This is a toasted marshmallow with the middle part taken out, a piece of chocolate stuffed in the marshmallow, then put the middle part of the marshmallow back on top of the chocolate.

However, when camping I do enjoy the fact that wherever we go tends to have minimal electronic distractions (for both me and the kids) which makes for some family fun time.  See also below :)

He's double fisting hot dogs but they're hidden in his hands.

Only one hot dog here folded up in his mouth. 
Yes, this is a different one than the two in the previous pic.

Nice and toasty.

I think she ate 1/2 a bag of marshmallows by herself.

Mr Hot and Spicy

These two sat like this for hours.

Our lovely camp site.  This was probably only half of it.  It was huge!

Shadow puppets.  Or in this case, Luke (on the right) exercising his 2nd amendment rights
 on Ella's shadow bunny.

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