Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We did a little white water rafting while in New York.  We went with about 50 other people and a few tour guides.  The kids LOVED it.  Aron and I enjoyed it quite a bit but it was a bit more labor intensive for us (aka the kids didn't want to paddle so we did all the work).  The river was class 2 at most (really tame) but the views were outstanding.  We got there at 10 AM and were back to the car at 3:30. 
Are we sure about this?

Sorry, Ella, we missed most of you in the pic.

View from the raft.

Later in our trip, we hiked along the top of the gorge.

Tough little paddler.

Gorgeous views like this the whole 6 miles down the river.

The kids swimming in their life jackets.
 About 3/4 the way through the trip, we made a pit stop and short hike to one of the parks waterfalls that were accessible only by the river.  You were allowed to slide down this little section of rock so the kids did.

The waterfall is to the left in this picture.  The water from the falls carved out this little pool.  You were allowed to jump into the pool as long as you kept your life jacket on.  It was 7 or so feet deep.  This is Luke.

And this is Ella.

This is Ella, too, on her way back up from the bottom.

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Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You do such fun things with yur kids~ great memories!