Sunday, August 05, 2012

I think she might be mine

Something that I enjoyed doing when I was a child was taking leftover bits of fabric or clothes that I had outgrown and making them into something else.  It was one of the few crafting things that my mother supported (Sorry, Mom, but you're not the craftiest person on the block).  I had my own sewing machine which I loved (dork) and played with it/fabric all the time.  You learn a lot about how things work in general just by playing with something and being given no restrictions in how you work with it.

Ella got a little sewing machine from her Granny Lindy for Christmas which she loves.  I gave her a bunch of my old scraps of fabric a long time ago and told her to use them as she saw fit.  Recently, she hardly came out of her room all day.  When she emerged,

she had a large portion of the top of this little quilt made.  I gave her no instructions.  It's not quite finished but I think she did pretty well!  I'll post again when she's finished with the binding of it.

Love it.


Gram said...

Way to go, Ella. You are just like your Gram! It is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

love it! -Heidi