Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reading update

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Some friends and I are starting a book club so let me know if you want in on it (and are someone I know and aren't just a creepy online stalker type).  I just finished The Night Circus.  I don't want to influence anyone so I won't tell you much about what I thought of it other than it was a good read but I didn't enjoy the ending.  Jeanne, I'm not sure if you'll like it or not.  It had some non-realistic fantasty elements that I don't know if you would enjoy.

This will be the next book I read.  Yes, I know it was a movie but I didn't watch it.  I'm a little worried that it will be too graphic for me because I generally don't enjoy novels about children that are murdered/raped/molested/anything else crappy like that.  I hear the "bad scenes" are tasteful.  We'll see how it goes, though.

Let me know if you have any other good reads for me.  I'll tell you up front that I don't really like Jodi Picoult (excessive cognitive dissonance) or Nicholas Sparks (feels like he tries to jerk your emotions around in a weird, artificial way) or VC Andrews (too incesty).  I'm not a big chick lit person either but I can do it sometimes.  I enjoy the Stephanie Plum series but I would say this is the exception and not the rule.  My friend, Kortney, suggested The Shack a while ago which I still haven't read yet but it's on my mental to-read list.

**Update.  I finished the book.  I fast-forwarded thru the bad stuff but still found it to be a generally depressing read similiar to The Deep End of the Ocean.  I need to develop a rating system...I'll put that on my trophy wife to-do list.  I'd say I'd recommend the book but only if you want to eat ho-ho's and listen to Tori Amos for the next couple days.

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Tori :) said...

I liked The Shack. I, too, do not care for Nicholas Sparks or VC Andrews.