Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Full disclosure

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Ok, so the real reason why I did that quiz the other night is because the kids don't have a whole lot on their Christmas list. Everyone keeps asking what the big ticket items are for the kids this year and quite frankly, there just isn't one. During the quiz the other night, I asked them what they were just DYING to get for Christmas. Ella said she wants some Zhu Zhu pet stuff and Luke wants a remote controlled Bigfoot. I've already got both of those items taken care of with other people so that left us with nothing to buy for the kids.

Ella's been asking a lot about Santa and if he's real or not. Long time blog readers know how I feel about the subject of The Great Santa Hoax every year. I remain pretty evasive about the subject and I think she's on to me. She asked me again the other night. I usually turn it back on her and say "What do you think?" She said "I think it could just be parents that buy the presents and give them like they're Santa." I said "Oh yeah?" She said "Or it could be that he's real. Is he real?" I said "What do you believe?" She said "Not sure. You ever notice that you don't answer?" I said "Yes." in a way that did not encourage follow up questions. She said "Huh." I said "If I were you, I'd sit back and collect the presents and not ask a lot of questions." She said "Ok."

I can't help it. Call me a Scrooge, call me a stick in the mud, or whatever but I just don't care for the commercialism of Christmas. I don't enjoy the jockeying for position of who is getting what gift and am I spending as much on them as they are on us and did I accidentally buy a gift that they already have. I don't enjoy lying to the kids and telling them to believe in Santa.

Disclaimer: That's not to say that I don't enjoy the idea behind Santa and what I lack in enthusiasm for the tradition, Aron certainly makes up for. He has the kids leave out cookies/milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Personally, I just think he wants an excuse to eat the cookies.

P.S. I was cleaning out a closet and organizing it (yes, Robin. You read that correctly...organizing it) and found a gift card to Bath and Body Works that I bought in 2007 and never gave away. If I remember correctly, I was going to have Luke give it to Ella for Christmas but lost it before it could be given. Score one for me! Looks like Santa came just for yours truly!


Con said...

I'm struggling with Santa this year. Not for the reasons you are, of course. I think you are just too scroogy:) But, Sam believes in him SO MUCH that I'm afraid he's going to be really upset when he finds out the truth. He thinks Santa can give him everything he wants and if he doesn't get everything, I'm afraid that will upset him too. So, I kind of want him to find out gently and soon. But, don't tell him, Anna! Maybe Ella could mention it to him. She'll do it gently.

Victoria said...

OH NO! NOT BIGFOOT! Please tell me he didn't say that. I HATE that toy, and you will, too.

Arlene said...

I've never pushed the whole Santa thing with Vincent. The Christmas he was 5 he asked me so many questions about how Santa knows what he knows, how he gets in the house, how the raindeer fly, etc. that I told him Santa works for the CIA. That shut him up about it. I'm pretty sure he doesn't believe, but he goes along with it for the sake of his friends. I for one am sick of that stupid fat man getting all the credit.